Associate Professor of School of Foreign Language

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Academic Areas: History of German culture, History of German Christianity

born in September, 1983, PhD Doctor, Chutian Scholar, Master Supervisor, Director of Center for Regional Studies, Deputy director of German Department, School of Foreign languages, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Academic Degrees

2001—2005, Wuhan University, Bachelor Degree of German Literature

2005—2007, Wuhan University, Master Degree of World History

2007—2011, Peking University, Doctor Degree of World History

2009—2010, Tuebingen University (Germany), Joint PhD Student in Faculty of Protestant Theology

Professional Experience

July 2011—present, German Department, School of Foreign languages, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Selected Publications

Journal Papers:

1. “The Religious Exercise: Martin Luther’s Ethics of Marriage and Family”,Regent Review of Christian Thought, Vol.18, Apr., 2014.

2. “The Reconstruction of the Relation between Government and Church: Martin Luther and the Origin of Modern Politics”, Studies in World Religions, No.5, Oct. 2014.

3. “From Eschatology to Creationism: The Change of Martin Luther’s Theory of Two Kingdoms”, World Philosophy, No.4, Jul., 2013.

4. “Review XIE Wenyu’s The Way and Truth, the Gospel of John in the History of Western Thought: Interpretation of the Bible and the Method of Sino-Christian Theology”, Studies in World Religions, No.3, Jun., 2013.

5. “Zweig and the fate of Jews: Analysis to The World of Yesterday”, Jewish Studies, Vol.12, Dec., 2013.

6. “The Textual Research of Chinese Translation of the word Pope”,Foreign Language Education, No.4, 2013.

7. “The History and Future of Weimar Luther Edition”, Germany Research, No.3, Sep., 2012.

8. “The Changes of Christian Church and the Relationship between Politics and Religions in Taiwan”, Leaders, Vol. 49, Dec., 2012.

9. “Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Church and the Vocation of the Priest”, Clio at Beida, Vol.16, Dec., 2011.

10. “The History of China-Vatican Relations and Problems in the Relationship”, Leaders, Vol. 41, Aug., 2011.

11. “The Evolving Processes and Integration of Chinese and Protestant Concepts of Vocation”, Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences), Vol.63, No.6, Dec., 2010.

12. “Martin Luther’s view on War and Soldiers’ Vocation”, Journal of Shanxi Normal University (Social Science Edition), Vol.37, No.2, Mar., 2010.

13. “Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Vocation and World’s Reconstruction”, History Teaching, No.22, Nov., 2009.

14. “The Edit Process of Table Talk and its value of Intellectual History”, Graduate Students’ Journal of Peking University, No.1, Mar., 2009.

15. “The Agricultural Crisis in Brandenburg and the Rise of Absolutism in 17th Century”, Journal of Postgraduates in Wuhan University, Vol.22, No.3, Oct., 2006.


Martin Luther’s Doctrine of Vocation, Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2013.


Translated by LIN Chunjie etc., The Table Talk of Martin Luther, Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2013.



1. The Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education,

“Study on Weimar Edition of Luther’s Works”, 20122015, Project Leader.

2.The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, “The political Thought of Martin Luther”, 20122014, Project Leader, completed.

3.The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, “Study on the culture of German heraldry”, 20152017, Project Leader.

Awards and Honors

2008, Excellent paper award of annual symposium of Medieval history of the world, First Prize

2009, Doctoral scholarship of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

2013, Chutian Scholar of Hubei Province (Chutian Xuezi)

2013, Teaching Contest Award of HUST, Second Prize

2014, Teaching Quality Award of HUST, Second Prize

Courses Taught

 History of German Culture

  German politics

  German economy

  Academic writing

  German as second foreign language etc.

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