Associate Professor of School of Foreign Language

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Academic Areas: Second Language Acquisition, English for Academic Purposes

Dr. Jianying Du is Associate Professor and Head of the Center of Foreign Language Teaching and Research at the School of Foreign Languages, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Her main research interests include second language acquisition theories and English for Academic Purposes. She has written two books, one on content-based instruction in ESP and the other as an introductory handbook of second language acquisition theories. She teaches academic literacy to students on various levels at higher education in China.

Academic Degrees

2004-2008  Southampton University  PhD in Applied Linguistics

2003-2004  Southampton University, MA in Applied Linguistics

1988-1992  Sichuan International Studies University, BA in English Language and Culture

Professional Experience

2008 – present  Associate Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

1994 -2002     Lecturer at Wuhan Law School

1992 -1994   Translator at Gas Turbine Establishment

Selected Publications

 Journal Papers and conference proceedings

  • Chao Deng, Yao-Zong Sun, Rong Li, Yuanhang Wang, Yao Xiong, “Hidden markov model based on the heavy-duty CNC health state estimate”, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems- CIMS, 2013, Vol19, No.3, 552-558
  • Du, J. Teaching critical thinking in EAP classrooms. IATEFL Proceedings 2013, Liverpool: IATEFL 2014.3
  • Du, J. Integrating teacher feedback in EAP writing classrooms. BALEAP Proceedings 2011, Reading: Garnet
  • Du, J. Content and Language Integration in Higher Education in China as an EFL context:A case study in Wuhan Law College  Asian ESP Journal, 2009,Spring
  • Du, J. Advantages of CBI over ESP in further education settings in China  EAP in a Globalizing World: English as an Academic Lingua Franca  Reading: Garnet Education. 2009;
  • Du, J. Integrating critical thinking in college English classrooms, Electronic Journal of Critical Thinking and Creative Education, 2013, Vol. 2
  • Du, J. Content-based approach to English for academic purposes: concept, theoretical supports and pedagogical modes. China ESP Studies, 2011, Vol. 1
  • Du, J. Critical ESP: Conceptual issues and controversies in College English teaching in China. Foreign Languages and Literature, 2011, Vol. 2
  • Teacher feedback in academic English writing: an integrative approach. Foreign Language Education in China. 2011, Vol. 2
  • Critical thinking and college English writing: a review of literature. Foreign Language Education, Annual 2011.
  • Content-based language teaching and English for academic purposes: the link and differences. English Studies, 2008, Vol. 1

Books and Course materials:

  • Du. J. 2013. Second Language Acquisition: An introductory handbook. Wuhan: Press of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Du, J. 2011. Content-based language teaching in higher education in China. Wuhan: Press of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Li, Z. & Du, J.(Eds.). 2014.  College English (Book 3). Beijing University Press.
  • Du, J. (Ed.). 2013. English for General Academic Purposes --- Reading, writing and thinking. Beijing University Press.
  • Du, J. (Ed.). 2013. English for General Academic Purposes --- Listening, speaking and thinking. Beijing University Press.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Course:

1. College English

2. English for academic purposes

3. Critical thinking and academic English writing

Graduate Course:

1. Second Language Acquisition

2. Advanced Writing

3. English for Academic Writing and Publication


  • 2011-2014,Academic English Writing and Critical Thinking in Higher Education in China. Leader of Ministerial Project;
  • 2009-2012,Integrating English language teaching and content learning. Leader of Ministerial Project;
  • 2009-2012, Theoretical and Practical Exploration of English Language Learning and Content Teaching. Leader of Provincial Project.


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