Professor of School of Foreign Language

Phone: 02783692520


Academic Areas: Medical English, Academic Writing, Teaching English to Medical Majors

Yingjie Wang is a professor of English at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). His research spans medical English (reading and writing), and teaching English to undergraduate and graduate medical students. He also cares for Lingua Latina Medica—Latin for medical purposes. He focuses on questions such as: Which word parts, especially combining forms and suffixes, are most useful in medical English? Which sentence structures and expressions should be included in the teaching of academic writing for medical doctors? How to integrate the teaching of general-purpose English with that of medical English? He is the project leader of some university research grants, and has published various books in the fields of medical English and English teaching.

Academic Degrees

1986.9-1989.6  Wuhan University MA

1978.9-1982.7  Tongji Medical College BA

Professional Experience

2001.6-present Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Professor

1998.3-1998.7 Universitaet Ulm –Visiting Teacher

1989.7-2001.6 Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Teacher

1982.7-1986.9 Tongji Medical College –Editor

Selected Publications


  • Wang, Yingjie; Chen, Hanfang; Li, Meiying; et al. Advanced Medical English: Reading and Writing. Hubei Science & Technology Publishing House. 2009.
  • Wang, Yingjie; Hong, Banxin. Medical Translation from Chinese into English. Beijing University Publishing House. 2005.
  • Wang, Yingjie; et al. English Reading Skills – Advanced. Hubei Science & Technology Publishing House. 2003.
  • Wang, Yingjie; et al. English Readings in Modern Medicine. People’s Medical Publishing House. 2001.


  • Liu, Zhengxiang; Wang, Daowen; Wang, Yingjie; et al. Diagnostic Challenges. Science Press. 2004.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:

1. Basic Medical English

2. Latin

Graduate Courses:

1. English for Master Candidates of Medicine

2. English for Doctoral Candidates of Medicine

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