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Academic Areas: Translation teaching; translation criticism

Dr. Wang Shu-huai is a professor of Translation Studies with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. He has been teaching there since 1995. He earned his Master degree of education in 1995 from Southwest Normal University, and Ph.D of Translation Studies in 2007 from Nankai University. His chief research interests are translation teaching and translation criticism. He has published more than 40 academic papers, completed one research project of China National Fund for Social Sciences, and authors the book On Translation Teaching (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2013)

Academic Degrees

1992, Sep.-1995,Jun. Southwest Normal University MA of Education

2003,Sep. -2007,Jun. Naikai University PhD


Professional Experience

1995.Jul.-present Huazhong University of Science and Technology

1986.Jul. -1992.Oct. Bishi Middle School, Ezhou City

Selected Publications

1. Teaching Cultural Strategies for Undergraduate Chinese-English Translation in Chinese Context   Sociology Study 2005, Vol. 5(1). (corresponding author)

2. Investigation of Native English Speakers’ Language Preference and Revelations: Foreign Language Research  2014(4)

3. TRANSLATION TEACHING RESEARCH IN CHINA: FEATURES, PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS   Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning 2014, Vol.(1)

4. A Research of “English Verb+ing into Adjective”  Foreign Language Teaching 2014(1)

5. An Analysis of International Sign Mistranslation  Shanghai Translators Journal 2014(1)

6. Translator Intervention, Translator Modulation and Translator Restraint Foreign Language Research  2013(1)

7. English Text in Supermarket Promotion: Textual Functions and Features Chinese Translators Journal of Science and Technology 2013(4)

8. Metro Sign Translation: Problems and Principles  Shanghai Translators Journal 2012(3)

9. An Empirical Reasearch of Translation Strategies in the Translation Process  Foreign Languages and Their Teaching 2012(3)

10. Book Review : Exploring Translation Theories  Foreign Languages2011(2)

11. On the Principles of Compiling Chinese-English Translation Coursebooks  Foreign Language Teaching: Theory and Practice 2011(2)

12. “Confusion—Illumination—Production” Translation Teaching: the Experiment Report Foreign Language Research  2010(6)

13. Translation Teaching Assessment: A Developmental Model  Journal of PLA International Studies University 2010(3)

14. Translation Teaching Assessment: A Developmental Model  Journal of Tianjin International Studies 2010(4)

15. Introduction: Translation Teaching: From Research to the Classroom: A Handbook for Teachers  Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2010.

16. Translation Teaching: An Information Processing Perspective  Journal of Huanggang Normal College 2010(1)

17. Translation Teaching: An Assimilative Model.  Journal of Tonghua Normal College 2010(5)

18. The Three Levels in Aesthetics-oriented Translation Foreign Language Teaching: Theory and Practice 2009(2)

19. Translation Teaching: A Psycholinguistic Perspective  English Research 2009(2)

20. Translation Teaching Research in Western Countries: Characteristics,

Paradigms and Revelations  Shanghai Translators Journal 2009(3)

21. Book Review: Translation Studies’ Discipline construction and Cultural Turn  Foreign Language and Translation 2009(2)

22. On the Structuralist Translation Teaching  Translation Quarterly 2008(4)

23. On the Components and Developments of Translation Competence  Foreign Language Research  2008(5)

24. Translation Teaching of English Majors: Investigation and Reflections  Shangdong Foreign Language Teaching 2008(5)

25. Translation Teaching Research in China: Developments, Problems and Solutions Foreign Language World 2008(2)

26. TAPs Research in Translation Studies: Achievements, Limitations and Prospects  Foreign Languages and Translation 2008(1)

27. A Review of Translation Teaching: From Research to the Classroom: A Handbook for Teachers  Foreign Languages 2006(1)

28. Hatim’s Intertextuality-Based Translation Theory: A Review Journal of PLA International Studies University 2006(1)

29. Features of English Advertisement Texts and Their Chinese Translation. Shangdong Foreign Language Teaching 2006(1)

30. Book Review: Teaching and Researching Translation  Modern  Foreign Languages 2005(1)

31. The Interpretation of Chen Xi-ying’s “Three Similarities” From a Semiotic Perspective Journal of Xian International Studies University 2005(1)

32  Literary Translation Criticism: A Quantitative Double-Layer Assessment Model Foreign Languages and Translation 2005(1)

33. The Concretization of Indeterminacies in Literary Translation: Tension and Constraints Journal of Sichuan International Studies University 2005(4)

34.Features of English Financial Words and Their Translation Chinese Translators Journal of Science and Technology 2004(2)

35. Features of English Accounting Affairs and Their Translation Chinese Translators Journal of Science and Technology 2002(3)

36. On Translation Teaching for Undergraduates Chinese Translators Journal 2001(5)

37. Information Transmission and Text Translation Shanghai Journal of Science and Technology Translation 2000(2)

38. Optimalization of Information Transmission in Translation System. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. 1999(1)


On Translation Teaching Shanghai Foreign Language Teaching Press, 2013


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Course:

English-Chinese Translation

Chinese-English Translation

Non-literary Translation

English Listening

Comprehensive English


Graduate Course:

Translation Criticism and Appreciation

Literary Translation

Translation Research


Research Grants:

1. National funds for social and the humanitis

Research on Undergraduate English Majors’ Translation Teaching (Grant number 08CYY006)  Project Leader;

2. Research Project from the Education Department of Hubei Province(Grant number 2003D036) Project Leader;

Intertextuality and Translation

3.Teaching research program of Hubei Province and Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyThe design and experiment of a spiral Chinese-English translation teaching curriculum (Grant number14039) Project Leader;

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