Professor of School of Foreign Language

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Academic Areas: Cognitive Linguistics, Literary Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Contrastive Studies of Chinese & English and Translation

Zhang Zaihong is a Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Her area of research is cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition, as well as literary linguistics and contrastive studies of English and Chinese, where much of her work is devoted to cognitive study of lexical cultural meaning, with cognitive and affective factors in interpreting as her current primary empirical focus. She is the vice dean of Foreign Language school. She has received Baogang Distinguished Teacher’s Award in 2014 and the Distinguished Social Science Achievement Award from Hubei Province in 2013. Her writings deal with various aspects of cognitive studies of lexical meaning, language and culture, interpreting & translation and listening.

Academic Degrees

2005. 09 - 2010. 06      PH.D in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Huazhong University of                                  Science and Technology

1997. 09 - 2001. 06      MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Huazhong                                            University of Science and Technology

1984. 09 - 1989. 06      BA in English for Science and Technology, Huazhong University of                                           Science and Technology

Professional Experience

2010.11 - present   Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Professor

1999.06 - 2010.11  Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Associate

1998.07 - 1999.05  Nanyang Technological University – Visiting Scholar

1991.06 - 1999.06  Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Lecturer

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Pan Buhan, Zhang Zaihong. A Review of Teacher Research in Language Teaching: A Critical Analysis. Modern Foreign Languages, 2014(06): 864-867.
  • Zhang Zaihong. On the Metaphoric Semantic Projection Patterns of “Chi”.            Studies in Language and Linguistics. 2010(4):123-125.
  • Zhang Zaihong. Realization of Figure/Ground in Milan Kundera’s Fiction life Is Elsewhere. Foreign Language Education, 2010(10): 211-216.
  • Zhang Zaihong. Betrayal: A Road Overgrown with Brambles ----The Portraits of Betrayers in Milan Kundera’s Fiction. Foreign Literature Studies. 2008, 30(4):15-22.
  • Zhang Zaihong. Development of Category Theory and Its Contributions to Semantic Study. Research in Higher Education of Engineering. 2008, 101-103, 133.
  • Zhang Zaihong, On the Ethical Color of the Novel Tao Zhi Yaoyao. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Social Science edition). 2007, 21(6): 67-72.
  • Zhang Zaihong, Zhu Yuezhen. Adopting a Strategy-based Approach toward Teaching Listening Comprehension. Teaching English in China. 2004,27(5): 21-25



  • Zhang Zaihong. A Cognitive Study of Lexical Cultural Meaning. Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House. 2010.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Course:

1. Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese

2. General Linguistics

3. English Writing (Basic English writing & Practical writing)

4. Intensive Reading          

Graduate Course:

1. Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics

2. Contrastive Studies of English & Chinese and Translation


  • Research on Critical thinking & Intercultural Competence Oriented Writing Courses for English Majors, 2014 China’s Foreign English Education Foundation (ZGWYJYJJ2014Z22). 2014-2016. Project leader.
  • Interpreting Training Platform Research and Construction for MTI, The Eleventh Five-Year Plan Projects of China’s Ministry of Education (GPA105015). 2010-2012. Project Leader.
  • Research and Construction of Interpreting Courses, The Eleventh Five-Year Plan Projects of Hubei Province (2010A036)
  • . 2010-2012. Project Leader.
  • Undergraduate Interpreting Program at Engineering Universities: Research and Practice, (2009058). Teaching reform project of Hubei province. 2009-2011. Project leader.
  • College English National-level Quality Course Project, Ministry of Education. 2008. Project sub-leader.
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