Associate Professor of School of Foreign Language

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Academic Areas: Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Education, Foreign Language Teacher Professional Development

Yan Guo is an Associate Professor of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in the School of Foreign Languages at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Her passion has been researching and exploring how learner variables exert an impact on the process of second languages learning. Her research areas include: learner variables in second language acquisition, foreign language teacher professional development, foreign language teaching, and computer-assisted autonomous language learning. She is widely published in the leading scholarly journals in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics in China. She teaches College English to non-English major undergraduate students and has written many textbooks for teaching college English reading and writing.

Academic Degrees

1999.9-2007.6  Huazhong University of Science and Technology  MA

2000.7-2001.5  National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University  PGDELT Program

1991.9-1995.6  Central China Normal University  BA

Professional Experience

2009.10-present  Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Associate Professor

2001.9-2009.9  Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Lecturer

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Papers

1. Guo, Y. & Xu, J. A Multi-dimensional Study on the Foreign Language Anxiety of Non-English Major College Students in China. Foreign Language World, 2014, (4): 2-11.

2. Guo, Y. & Xu, J. A Survey on the Use and Evaluations of College English Teaching Materials among Non-English Major College Students. Foreign Language Research. 2013, (6): 102-108.

3. Guo, Y. An Empirical Study on the Effect of the Length Approach on Non-English Major College Students’ English Writing Anxiety and Writing Ability. Foreign Language World, 2011, (2): 73-81, 96.

4. Guo, Y. & Qin, X. An Empirical Study on the Foreign Language Writing Anxiety of Chinese Non-English Major Undergraduates. Foreign Language World, 2010, (2): 54-62, 82.

5. Guo, Y. The Stability of General Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety across Languages among Chinese Undergraduate Foreign Language learners. The Journal of Asia TEFL, 2010, (2): 69-89.

6. Guo, Y. & Qin, X. Chinese College English Learners’ Attitudes and Behaviors in Computer-Assisted Autonomous Language Learning. The Journal of Asia TEFL, 2009, (2): 207-231.

7. Guo, Y. & Qin, X. Out-of-class Computer- and Network-assisted Autonomous English Learning -- A Study on Chinese Non-English Major Undergraduates Attitudes and Behaviors. Teaching English In China. 2009, (3): 52-62.

8. Guo, Y. A Process Approach to Teaching Culture. English Teaching Professional. 2008, (4): 29-31.

9. Guo, Y. Autonomous English learning among postgraduate EFL learners in China: A study of attitudes and behaviors. The Journal of Asia TEFL, 2007, 4(3), 47-70.

10. Guo, Y. A Study of Teachers’ Teaching and Students’ Use of Language Learning Strategies from the Correlational Perspective. Foreign Language World, 2007, (2): 65-72, 81.

11. Guo, Y. & Zhou, J. A Survey and Analysis of Non-English Mjor Postgraduates’ Computer- and Network-Based Autonomous English Learning. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal. 2007, (1): 45-48.

12. Guo, Y. A Process Genre Model for Teaching Writing. English Teaching Forum. 2005, (3): 18-26.

13. Guo, Y. College English Comprehensive Teaching – Integrated with Moo, E0mail, BBS and WWW. Teaching English In China. 2003, (1): 10-12.


· Textbooks

1. 2012, New College English Integrated Course IV, Wuhan University Press

2. 2013, Essential College English III, Peking University Press

3. 2010, Experiencing English Viewing, Listening & Speaking Coursebook IV, Higher Education Press

4. 2004, 2005. New Dynamic College English Reading & Writing (I, II, III), Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Course:

College English


Research Grants:

  • Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,An Exploration of Foreign Language Learners’ Anxiety Regulating Strategies(2012wqn017),Project Leader;
  • The Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of Hubei Provincial Department of Education,Chinese College English Learners’ Strategy Use in Out-of-class Computer-assisted Autonomous Language Learning(2008q023),Project Leader;
  • The Teaching Reform Project Fund of Hubei Provincial Department of Education,A Study on the Construction and Effect of a Professional Development Community of College English Teachers in China(2013049), Project Leader
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