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Academic Areas: English Teaching, Inter-Cultural Communication, English Textbook Compilation and Syllabus Design

Fan Weiwei is a Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Her area of research is Inter-Cultural Communication, English language Teaching, English Textbook Compilation and Syllabus Design. She is presently Dean of the School of Foreign Languages. She has received awards such as the Special Government Grant in 2011, the May–the-First Labor Award of Hubei Province in 2013, etc.

Academic Degrees

1978.2-1982.1  Bachelor of Art in English Major of Huazhong University of Science and


1986.9-1988.7  Post Graduate Diploma in International Journalism, School of Journalism, Shanghai Fudan University

1992.6-1993.5  Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching, School of Education of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

1996.9-1997.7  Visiting Scholar, Center of Applied Linguistics at University of Reading, Britain

2009.8-2009.12  Visiting Scholar at Wayne State University

Professional Experience

2000.05 - present   Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Professor

1994.06 - 2000.04  Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Associate Professor

1988.12 - 1994.05  Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Lecturer

1992.06 - 1993.05  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – Visiting Scholar

1983.06 - 1988.11  Huazhong University of Science and Technology –Assistant teacher

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Fan Weiwei, Wu Weiping. A Survey on Self-evaluation of Chinese College Students’ Intercultural Competence. Foreign Languages In China, 2013(06): 53-59
  • Wu Weiping, Fan Weiwei. An Analysis of the Assessment Tools for Chinese College Students’ Intercultural Communicative Competence. Foreign Language Teaching and Research, 2013(03): 581-592
  • Yu Shi, Fan Weiwei. (2015). Review of Willingness to Communication Studies, Crazy English Teachers, 1, 8-11.
  • Yu Shi, Weiwei Fan. (2014). The interrelationship between the College PHE Students’ Foreign Language Anxiety and Willingness to Communicate, Crazy English Teachers, 2, 4-8.
  • Zhong Hua, Fan Weiwei. The Theoretical Framework for the Construction of Intercultural Communicative competence Skill for Chinese College Students. Foreign Language Education in China, 2013(03):19-28.
  • Shi Yu, Fan Weiwei. Prediction and Reflection: Key to Exploring Listening Process. Foreign Language Education, 2013: 168-170.
  • Yu Shi and Fan Weiwei.. A study on College Students’ Listening Anxiety under the Condition of Compound Dictation of CET-4, Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages, (2013)36(2), 55-60.
  • Yu Shi and Fan Weiwei.. Systematic Desensitization and Cognitive Reconstruction: A Study to Alleviate Listening Anxiety, Foreign Language Education, (2013)12(1), 64-72.
  • Peng Renzhong, Fan Weiwei, The Rustic Opinion of College Students’Intercultural Competence-based on the perspective of BP neural network theory, Hubei Social Science, 2013(07), 165-167



  • Fan Weiwei, Yu Shi. (2014). Critical Reading Course in English Newspapers & Magazines. Wuhan: Hubei Science and Technology Publishing House.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Course:

  1. Intensive Reading , Advanced English
  2. Advanced English Listening and Speaking
  3. The Theory and Practice of Translation
  4. Interpretation
  5. Inter-Cultural Communication


Graduate Course:

1. Inter-Cultural Communication

2. Introduction to English Language Teaching Methods

3. English Textbook Compilation and Syllabus Design

4. Advanced English Listening and Speaking


Research Grants:

  • The seventh China Foreign Language Teaching Fund Program Sponsored by National Research Center of Foreign Language Education.
  • Hubei Provincial 12th Five Year Plan (2013-2015) on Influential Factors on Communication Willingness of Undergraduate Students;
  • Teaching Material Fund of the University (2010) on English News Listening and Speaking;
  • Foreign Language Education Funding by National Research Center (2010) on Comparative Study on Cultural Values of American Students and Chinese Students;
  • National Social Scientific Fund (2010) on Comprehensive Appraisal of Chinese undergraduates’Intercultural Communication Competence;
  • Provincial Funding Program on Teaching and Research (2008);
  • Key Social Science Funding Program of Ministry of Education (2005-2008) on Verbal Intercultural Communication Competence Testing and Cultivation of Post-graduate Students and Doctoral Students;
  • Funded by Department Higher Education in Ministry of Education (2004) on College English Testing (Band 4 and 6) Reformation, Listening and Speaking Section;


  • Cross-cultural Communication and Foreign Language Education, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 2006.
  • Multimedia Approach to Intercultural Communication, “Eleventh Five-Year” National Planned Textbook ,2009.
  • Foreign Cultures and Intercultural Communication, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 2008.
  • 100 English Speeches with Comments, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2013.
  • New College English (Second Edition) Reading Course, Students’ Book, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2013.
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