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Email: kzkan@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Translation Studies, Comparison of China and Japan, Modern and Contemporary Literature of Japan

Ke Zikan, male, born in September 1983, Doctor of Literature.

Academic Degrees

2002-2006  Japanese Department, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wuhan University  Bachelor

2007-2010  Japanese Department, College of Foreign Languages, Ocean University of China  Master

2010-2014  Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, International College of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University, Ph.D.


Professional Experience

2006-2007  College of Arts & Sciences of Jianghang University  Lecturer

2014-now  School of Foreign Languages, Huazhong University of Science and Technology  Lecturer

Selected Publications


  1. 2015.5 《湖北科技学院学报》,“翻译如‘担水上山’,浅谈汉日同形词汇的翻译”,独著;
  2. 2015.3 《长江大学学报(社科版)》,“林少华双重身份的互动”,独著;
  3. 2014.11 《长江大学学报(社科版)》,“中国传统翻译理论的界定”,独著;
  4. 2013.8 《理论月刊》,“‘六书’与中国传统翻译理论”,独著,CSSCI;
  5. 2013.7 《长江大学学报(社科版)》,“林少华之‘诚于译事’”,独著;
  6. 2009.2 《东京文学》,“意识流小说在中国——由王蒙的小说看中日意识流的异同”,独著。


Academic Works:

  1. 2015 《中国传统翻译理论观照下的林少华文学翻译研究》,南开大学出版社,独著。
  2. 2011 《地下》,上海译文出版社,合译。

Courses Taught

“Japanese-Chinese Translation”, “Japanese Interpretation”, “Comparative Study on Japanese and Chinese”, “Translation and Culture Diffusion”


  1. 2014-2015 “On the translation of Lin Shaohua’s works in terms of Chinese traditional translation theories”, one of the Young Talents Introduction & Cultivation Project, sponsored by Research Fund for Independent Innovation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology  Host
  2. 12YJC740132, “The evolution and impacts of Chinese in terms of the translation of missionary materials (1806-1911)”, sponsored by Human Social Science Fund Project, Education Ministry  Participant
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