School of Foreigh Languages Won the Huagong Basketball Cup

(Correspondent: LI Jiani)

On January 16, enthusiastic students cheers for the final of Huagong Basketball Cup in the Yunyuan Gym at 17:30.After nearly two hours of fierce competition, basketball players from our school beat the team of Optical and Electronic Information School with 48:41, gaining the first prize of Basketball Group B.

With the crisp whistle sound, the No.10 player of our school, Yang Rui jumped to grab the basketball.And his teammates, the No.1 player Wu Xi took the lead to get a three point shot, which ignited the crowds.Yang Rui rebounded and gave a long pass to the No.5 Dong Chaoyang who layup in no time.With rebounds and layups,we ended the first period with 16:10 of clear advantage.

We get the kickoff of the second period. the No.12 Pan Shen dropped into a ultra-long three-pointers in 24 seconds reset just on time, which made the audience boiling.Their cheers, applause and encouragement also inspired players.The vigor of players captured the hearts of girls watching the game. Under the tacit cooperation within the team, we ended the first half with 25:17.

The second half was more nerve-wracking. The No 21 player of the other team score two baskets, catching up the score. However, our No.0 He Yilin's rebounds, No.10 Yang Rui's successful pick and roll, No.3 Cao Yifu's strong passing, as well as the No.28 Jin Ran's handsome save altogether assisted Pan Shen made the basket for four times.Audience cheered with joy.The gap in the scores between two teams gradually became larger at 36:27.

Before the start of the fourth period , our counselor Yan Chenfeng, out of excitement pitched drums and cheered for our school, which greatly encouraged our morale.Dong Chaoyang successfully blocked the shot; Wu Xi got two free throws;Pan again dropped into a three-point shot, "three handsome", that how the audience called him. Time flied. Only ten ticks left on the game clock. "9, 8 ......" students could not help start the countdown, "2,1,0!Oh! "The cheers stayed.

Today, our school Basketball team finally realized the long-awaited goal: wining.From early December, the start of Huagong Cup, our team has beaten basketball teams from Department of Sociology, Department of Journalism and School of Electronic Information and Communications at group match. In the playoffs, we met basketball teams from National Defense Students and WNLO (Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics). Finally in the match against School of Optical and Electronic Information, we met expectations to win the first prize.

It's the moment of glory. We were so proud of them.The cheers accompanied them all the way to the championship. We hope to see them grow stronger and bring back more prizes.




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