German Culture Research Center

Based on the faculty and academic resources of the Department ofGerman, the German Culture Research Center has established a research team with talented young and mid-aged researchers, aiming to conduct comprehensive and interdisciplinary researches on German culture, including the history, religions, education, laws, languages, literature and related policies of German. Analyzing Germany and German from the perspective of culture, the research center tries to idetify thecharacteristics of this nation and further explore the source which has been generating their vitality for a long time. From the view of contemporary Chinese, we strive to study the nature, characteristics, phenomena and manifestation of German culture in terms of cultural issues and phenomena, with the tolerance of other cultures. Furthermore, we try to contrast and distinguish German culture with Chinese culture as for the cultureal origin and the ethos of the nation, thus enhancing the intercultural communication and enriching contemporary Chinese culture. To improve the popularity and influences of the Foreign Language School, we endeavor to promote cultural communications and acadmicexchanges between Huazhong University and Heidelberg University and Rostock University.