Japanese Culture Research Center

Based on the development of the Master Program of Japanese Language and Literature, the Janpanese Culture Research Center tries to provide free platforms for the members to communicate about project applications, thesis submission, academis exahchanges and academic resources, thus enhancing the development of the research center as well as the cultivation of the members in the long term. At present, there are mainly three representative research directions in the center, namely the direction of Japanese Education with Professor Wang Qiuhua as the leader, the direction of Japanese Language with Professor Chen Huiling as the leader and the direction of Japanese Literature with Professor Wang Runmei as the leader.

There are 14 members in the Japanese Culture Research Center, among which 5 are master  supervisors, 2 are professors, 4 are associate professors and 7 are doctorates.

During the past 5 years, the center has launched one project supported by the National Social Science Fund, one project of Humanities & Social Sciences authorized by the Ministry of Education and one project supported by Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education. Besides, the center possesses several university projects as well as  research and teaching projects of provincial level. Furthermore, the research center has published one textbook on its own and more than 30 papers on different academic journals.