Center for Foreign Language Research

Center for Foreign Language Research has eleven members, of whom five are professors, five associate professors and eight with Ph.D degree. In addition, the center has as honorary professors four famous Chinese scholars Xueliang Xiong, Zhiwei Feng, Qilong Chen and Meizhen Liao.

Center for Foreign Language Research upholds the research philosophy that linguistics is a discipline of science and that research should be committed to pragmaticism. Its current research fields mainly cover the following:

  1. (computational) lexical semantics;
  2. cognitive linguistics;
  3. conversation analysis
  4. comparative linguistics;
  5. stylistics
  6. grammar philosophy

Recent years has seen prolific reserach products from the center. These mainly include two projects sponsored by National Social Science Foundation, two by National Ministry of Education and one key project of the 11th Five-year Plan amongst others. The center also has wide publications ranging from monographs to international and domestic journals. Over 160 papers have been published in journals indexed by SSCI, A&HCI, SCI, EI and CSSCI as well as in others. Among them some are published in World Wide Web, International Journal of Lexicography, Foreign Language Teaching and Reserach, Modern Foreign Languages and Contemporary Linguistics. Thus the center's studies have aroused a wide interest both home and abroad.